Some Pro-Wrestling Highlights

This is so much fun!! Check out some pro-wrestling highlights from my matches at the WLW. My matches were against Lucy Mendez and Amy Hennig (yes, that Hennig).

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Practice Wrestling Video from Ric Drasin

A friend just sent me a video I hadn’t seen before.  Sweet.  Enjoy!

Millenium Pro Wrestling

Saturday night the house was rocking at 9145 Fitness, Scot Mendelson’s new gym. Millennium Pro Wrestling put on a stellar show with an audience that was super fun!!

Recca Becca (yours truly) was slated in the Battle Royal… Seven other guys against the strongest woman in the world. It was crazy! When it came down to 5, the guys decided to gang up on me! They came at me from all sides to beat me down. It took everything I had to fire up against the four guys. I powered out sending all four against the ropes, so I took advantage and clotheslined one of them over the ropes. When I turned around the remaining three were conspiring against me. The three charged, but two backed down leaving the third and easy target. So, I beat him, body slammed him and sent him over the ropes. The final two opponents tried to clothes line me back to back, but I didn’t budge. I got one into a fireman’s carry and shoulder pressed him over the ropes. The final opponent was too slow in his offense, so almost immediately I finished him off with my black hole slam. Over the ropes… and done!! I am the winner!

My New Wrestling Family

I am having such a good time learning how to work new wrestlers.  These are just a few of the new people I work with.

The handsome gentleman in the ball cap is Ric Drasin.  A great man!  Super genius at self promotion.  Check him out on www.ricdrasin.com and www.ricscorner.com.

And They’re Off

Okay, I have been here for a week now.  I did a lot of body adjusting; acclimating to the end of a Omaha life and the beginning of an LA one.  I “hit the ground running” as good friend Ned Lowe stated after he gave me two great introductions at Venice Golds, AND two additional contacts.  Before I go any further, congratulations Ned for the Powerlifting USA cover shot.

One great introduction via Ned and Jack Armstrong resulted in the meeting of a great man, Ric Drasin.  This man is a legend! Check out his site for sure and see how he used to train with Schwartzenegger and Columbo.  He is most known for being the demi-hulk, the middle man between hulk and human.  So funny, when you hear that your like, “What?!  Oh, yeah!!”  You remember ;o)  Ric is also know for designing the Gold’s Gym guy AND the World Gym gorilla.  SWEET!

I will be training at Ric’s wrestling school.  The students are very welcoming!

Ric and I are scheduled to do an interview this week for his new, VERY POPULAR, website, Ric’s Corner.  I will post the link here when it is on his site.  I checked out Ric’s Corner and watched the commentary on his workouts with Arnold.  I am so glad to hear I have the same beliefs about lifting as he and the crew did back in the day.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Here is one of the videos you will find on Ric’s Corner.

Let me know what you think!

Exciting Night in the WLW!

It was a huge rival match between Me, Lucy Mendez and Amy Hennig. After I took a brutal leg drop off the top rope from Hennig she relentlessly kept me down. I was able to power through it and finish her with my black hole slam. But Mendez had gotten a blind tag on me and drop kicked me in the back and out of the ring. She stole my pin along with the belt! UGH!! Tonight… redemption!

WLW Night Out

All the wrestlers at WLW went out for some food, drinks and bowling last night. What a BLAST!! So glad to have this good fun before heading out of this small town of Eldon, MO.

I have two matches this weekend. Tonight we will be in Spokane MO. Tomorrow night we are in Summersville MO. I am sure that each day I will be in a three way tag match with Lucy Mendez and Amy Hennig.

Beautiful Day

Wow! The weather is perfect in Eldon, MO! Birds are singing and everyone is outside. I love it. And just now… thunder!! MY FAVORITE WEATHER!!

Today is my last practice at Harley Race’s WLW Academy. I learned so much here, more than I could have learned anywhere else. A lot of people are asking, will I continue to wrestle? HECK YEAH!! I love it! I still have a lot to learn and want to keep improving my performance. There is a wrestling ring at the gym I will be training at in LA.

I had a kick ass leg workout on Monday! I have been taking MSM for my knees it is working. You can choose from different brands on Bodybuilding.com.

Heavy Squats
Heavy Good Mornings

Doesn’t seem like much, but it was QUALITY and QUANTITY!


Tomorrow I have a WWE tryout!! Send me positive thoughts! Lately, I have been focusing on my character in the ring and putting together all of the things I have learned.

Yesterday, I did light legs:

Seated Hamstring Machine
Leg Extention
Cable Abs