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Help Our Current Strong Woman Kristin!!

A lot of visitors to my site love watching videos and pictures of strong women.  Today, I am asking you to show your appreciation by helping Kristin Rhodes make the trip to Finland to defend her WSW title.  I was once in her same situation, competing and defending titles world wide… on my own dime!!  You can help with as little as $5 on the link below.  Let’s do it!

Guinness World Records – Gone Wild

Here is my Guinness World Record attempt. For the record, no woman actually got 20, they just picked a number to beat. It was tough. So much fun!!

Squat Form For Power!

Some Good Pics

Bench Press Form for Power!

Practical Discipline

“Put your best people on your biggest opportunities, not your biggest problems”
-Good to Great, by Jim Collins

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