Lifting Video – Smith Machine Shoulder Presses

Just in case you had missed the lifting videos I did in the past, here is a video about Smith Machine Shoulder Presses. Enjoy!

Sticking to the plan

I had made myself accountable to you by stating that I would do weights Wed, Thurs, Sat and Sun. I have been true to the plan and it always feels good! Thursday I did a Chest and Shoulder workout, but I took it kind of easy, as my right shoulder was talking to me… not screaming at me, but letting me know it wasn’t 100%. So, i listened.

Flat Bench
Incline Hammer Machine
Flat DB Press
Pec Deck

Standing DB Press, last two heavy sets seated
Side DB Raises
Rear Delt Fly on Pec Deck

Today, I will do Tris and Bis. If someone is around to help, I will do an instructional video. Tune in!

Smith Machine Front Shoulder Press

Enjoy this instructional video about doing Front Shoulder Presses on the Smith Machine.

Mondays Plan

Cardio in the morning.  Then this afternoon I will do chest and shoulders.  I have been stuck in my routine, so today I will change it up a bit.  Chest movements will be done first, but lighter.  Then I will jam out some heavy shoulders.

My plan for chest:

Incline Bench
Flat Smith Machine Bench
Flat DB Presses
Cable Cross-over

My plan for Shoulders:

Smith Machine Front Press
Behind the Neck
DB Side Raises
DB Rear Delts Flies