I Published Myself

I am going to start writing articles on powerlifting tips. If I post them on Article Base then others can use my article on their websites for content. Awesome, huh?!!

Check the article out here:

High Bar or Low Bar Squat – What Is the Difference?  Which is Better?

Let me know what you think.  Also, email me article ideas!!


John Kerwin Show

Here is the talk show where I had an interview. The whole show is good, so watch the whole thing. My part starts at about 13:30.


Personal Experience – “Law of Attraction”

I wanted to share with you how The Secret Law of Attraction works for me. This is an example of a series of events where I recognize the Law of Attraction at work.

I get 30 emails a day about casting calls. I may submit to 2-4 per week. Tuesday night, I saw a casting call for a talk show in which I was unfamiliar. I wanted to submit to it, but first I wanted to change my profile pictures, which takes a couple of days. That night I googled the talk show and spent ten minutes watching clips from the show. It seems like a good place for the Strongest Woman in the World to be interviewed.

The next day, I had plans to lift at Venice Gold’s Gym and meet a high school friend, Erin, for lunch. I felt great! The workout was good, my body felt good, my energy was good… the day was going as planned. After lunch, my friend and I wandered down to Muscle Beach in Venice. I ran into a Venice friend, Dave, who joked, “Did you bring your camera crew?” I looked behind me and there was a small camera crew videotaping on Venice Boardwalk. We had a good laugh.

Next thing you know, the crew asked Dave and I if we would participate in an interview. The piece was for the Colbert Report… a talk show!! Talk about ENERGY!! We commented on Rawsome, a raw, organic food market and the FDA controlling what we eat.

Let me reiterate! Open your mind… send out an energy about a topic… ask the universe for it… it will ATTRACT the energy you are asking for.  Just like I was sending out energy about a talk show the night before a talk show asked me to comment on a topic.

Go… Conceive, Believe and Receive!!

It Keeps Going and Going…

I feel like the energizer bunny. These days are all running together.

Filming has been great! Instead of just having a photo shoot today, I am back in set with Haunting Pusher.

Later tonight I am doing a photo shoot for a project capturing Double Digit Females… women who wear size 10 and over. The smallest my hips and waist get is a size ten. My upper body is size 16 at least.

I am excited to own this super size sexy body. So, I was a shoe in for the shoot.

Keep with me everyone! I will pick up my posting again next week!

Ten Scenes

We filmed until 4 am. Three hours of sleep, then back to the set. Ten scenes today and its a wrap for me. Fun!

Strongest Ever – the Documentary

A lot of people ask me about the documentary, Strongest Ever. It is a well done story about my powerlifting career, the relationships I had at the time and the controversy surrounding my choices. Strongest Ever has been played in Finland, Germany and Italy.

I do not have any rights to the documentary. The rights are owned by a British company called Electric Sky. You can click on this link to view their advertising page for the documentary.

Strongest Ever Electric Sky tv distributor

I also found a link with general information on it and some pictures.

Strongest Ever

Nebraska Magazine – 2010

It is a good story. I got an email one day and the sender, Anthony Flott, told me he found my credit card in the street by my house in Omaha, Nebraska. So, he googled my name, graciously informed me of my lost credit card and asked to write an article on me. Flott writes for Nebraska Magazine. This is a great article. Thank you so much Anthony! Click below to view the article.

Nebraska Magazine 2010

Credit: Summer 2010 Nebraska Magazine, Nebraska Alumni Association

Strongest Ever – Dr Marshall Jacobs Featured

Injury is something that is in the contract when you sign-up for becoming the strongest woman on the planet. I have 3 zippers (scars) now. Incisions for both biceps tendons to be attached and now one triceps tendon.

Besides these lovely scars, I have sprained my upper back, which has contributed to long term nerve pain for my shoulders. And, as you will see from this video, I tore an inner thigh muscle. It eventually bleed out (when you tear a muscle the blood supply is ripped open and it will bleed internally, looking like a dark bruise).

Over all, my body feels fantastic and I continue to lift fairly heavy (for a female). However, longevity did contribute to the end of my powerlifting career. That and the fact that I had reached all of my goals.

This clip is from STRONGEST EVER, a documentary about my lifting and my life while reaching the goal of totaling over 2000 lbs, hundreds above any female to date. The documentary has been played in Germany, Italy and Finland, to name a few. I hope it is played in the USA someday. I do not own any rights to the movie, so I can not get you a copy… maybe some day.

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I just got some great news, and I will share that when I am allowed.  Can not wait!!

The news prompted me to look on, the internet movie database.  Anyone who has any credits in film gets a page on IMDB.  It is a mile marker for getting into film and television.

Well, I was looking at Chris Bell’s page, of Bigger, Faster, Stronger.  He had a credit from E! True Hollywood Stories – Female Bodybuilders.  I had a segment on that show (thanks to Chris), so I clicked it…. scrolled down the character list…. and there was my name… Clicked it…. AND I HAVE MY OWN IMDB PAGE!!!!  Click here to see.

I wonder if I can get Strongest Ever added?  It has been shown in Germany, Finland and Italy.

I just texted the producer to see if I can put a clip of E! True Hollywood Stories on my blog.  You will be the first to know.


I love it here!  LA treats me well.  I got signed by a commercial agent today.  This is big, Big, BIG!!

While I was in the agency, the owner took a picture of me while I held Gabriel, a little person, over my head with one arm.  It was a great picture and she was super, super excited.

I AM EXCITED!  Feels like I am launching into a new life.  Hang on… let’s go for this ride!