Leg Day

Tricep Injury – Video Blog

Well, here is some news, not so great.  But, challenges happen and life moves forward.  We all grow and adjust.  I am moving forward, we all are.  The video is a bit choppy near the end, as it was a phone video.

Keep checking in to see some clips from Strongest Ever, a documentary about my life and lifting.  The clip highlights Dr. Marshall Jacobs discussing the stress my body endured as I was in peak training as the strongest woman in the world.

Then, I will post a video of me getting my staples taken out… Just for FUN!!

Legs, UGH!

Oh, had the best work out with my Omaha training partner!  Going to miss torturing you Evan… Okay, I mean torturing US!  I will be driving in PAIN!!

Leg Workout
Leg Press – work up to heavy set of 8. Rest. Take one plate off and do a set of 8, strip plate, set of 8, strip plate, set of 8, strip plate, set of 8, load 2 plates on each side, set of 8…. dont rack the weight, have your training partner strip the plates.  LOVE IT!!
Smith Machine Front Squats – 3 Sets of 8, 1 Heavy set of 5
Leg Curl - 3 heavy sets, then heavy set with 2 negatives at the end
Calves – On the hack squat machine

I am having trouble walking already.  SUCCESS!!

Good Mornings

Enjoy this instructional video about Good Mornings…. they are my FAVORITE!

Let me know what you think.

Beautiful Day

Wow! The weather is perfect in Eldon, MO! Birds are singing and everyone is outside. I love it. And just now… thunder!! MY FAVORITE WEATHER!!

Today is my last practice at Harley Race’s WLW Academy. I learned so much here, more than I could have learned anywhere else. A lot of people are asking, will I continue to wrestle? HECK YEAH!! I love it! I still have a lot to learn and want to keep improving my performance. There is a wrestling ring at the gym I will be training at in LA.

I had a kick ass leg workout on Monday! I have been taking MSM for my knees it is working. You can choose from different brands on Bodybuilding.com.

Heavy Squats
Heavy Good Mornings

Doesn’t seem like much, but it was QUALITY and QUANTITY!