Guinness World Records – Gone Wild

Here is my Guinness World Record attempt. For the record, no woman actually got 20, they just picked a number to beat. It was tough. So much fun!!

Try Something New!

Venice Golds

Ah, home sweet home, Venice Golds Gym. My heart is there!

Today, I met a teenager sure to be a popular bodybuilder one day. Charles-Antoine Montreuil, is from Quebec, Canada.

Charles met Mike O’Hearn and I for a crazy ass deadlift workout. Then here comes Tito, short and stacked. Also, a Weider representative was on hand taking pictures and video.

We were all getting it on in the deadlift. The men surely had some sort of testosterone battle, as they were one upping each other in reps. NICE!! Then a high rep down set standing on two plates.

Mind you, Mike and I squatted the day before…. ugh, MIKE! I am sore!!! And, I am down for some lifting tomorrow… Bring it!!

Busy, busy in Glenwood Springs CO

I get to go to my nephews school today and BE show and tell.  We have already decided I was going to lift my nephew as if he was the bar.  We practiced last night, and it went well besides a lot of giggling!

Today my sister and I are planning on hiking at Hanging Lake.  If… my hamstrings can handle it.  I AM SOOO SORE!!  Doing killer legs Tues night, then driving 10 hours the next day and deadlifting heavy Thurs…  capital O, capital M, capital G, and ‘!’ x 10.

Then we are headed to the saloon for a pedicure.  SWEET!

Just a basic Back workout yesterday
Deadlift – heavy set of 3
Lat Pull Down
Bent Over Row
Behind Neck Pulldown
Cable Ab Crunch

Successful Back Workout

It was good to get back in the gym today.  I normally start the week with Chest/shoulders.  I got a late start this week and we do a lot of push-ups in pro-wrestling practice, so I wanted to stay fresh. That is why I chose to do Deadlifts and Back assistance work.

A lot of people ask me if I deadlift Sumo or Conventional.  I have always been a conventional style deadlifter. A great reference is the book Strength Training Anatomy.  It shows you use a lot more muscles in your back when lifting conventionally.

When it comes to shaping the back, I think conventional is the way to go.  If you are not competing in powerlifting, stay with a double overhand grip for symmetry.  In this case, I think it is okay to use straps for grip support.  But, do not use them until you really need to.  Use a hook grip first; I put my first and middle finger on top of my thumbnail.  Hurts like an S.O.B. at first, but you get used to it.  When I was training heavy, I would use my overhand grip until 500 lbs, then I would switch to reverse grip.

I remind people that the strongest female deadlifter, me, and the strongest male deadlifter, Andy Bolton, deadlift conventionally.  So, if you want a big deadlift, do what the strongest deadlifters do.

Close Grip Lat Pulldowns
Wide Grip Low Rows
Straight Arm Extentions
Weighted Abs
Ahhh… shoot, I was lazy today. I should have done some DB Rows.