Core Training Factoid

As I was reading about rower training, I came across this tid bit.  Interesting for those of you who work out or are considering working out on a ball or Bosu ball.

“Although rowing is performed on an unstable surface, it is a misconception to perform core exercises on an unstable surface. Unstable surface training reduces peak power, force output and neuromuscular efficiency, thereby minimizing potential strength and power improvements. Stable surface core training enables greater loads and resistances to be used, which is optimal for developing a strong and powerful core.

According to G. Gregory Haff, Ph.D., CSCS in the October 2006 issue of NSCA’s “Performance Training Journal,” research from the University of Waterloo suggests that a healthy adult receives no additional training benefit using an exercise ball compared to performing trunk exercises on a stable surface. Although using an exercise ball might be useful for a rehabilitation program, the use of an exercise ball by athletes does not offer any additional training benefits.”

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