Winners are Workers, Workers are Winners

I am back!! Back to my normal routine, thank goodness!!

This weekend, I will sit down and write out a big plan for 2011 and forward. I will have catagories:

Body Composition
Love Life
Social Network
Website Development
Paying it Forward

Hmmmm, what am I missing??

It is so important to write things down. The last time I did this was two years ago. I made a Definite Chief Aim, per the Secret Law of Attraction. I have not fully reached that goal, but I tell you what… It helped me change everything about my life, including career and home town. Those are big, big changes.

I met a couple of awesome men during my travels to and from Nebraska. I met a jury selection lawyer who had beaten cancer in the head and neck area. His energy was amazing!! I wish him the best of health, always! I also met the owner of Darland Construction. As I was snoozing, he was telling stories the man between us. I thought i was listening to talk radio. Every story was high energy and positive information. He was so proud of his kids and his wife. I awoke and joined conversation. He is a gracious man, and I hope one day to visit his and his wife’s garden. This man reminded me of a good lesson:

Workers are Winners and Winners are Workers

That brings me back to 2011′s plan. I am done adjusting to the changes in life (leaving my business of 10 years and moving to Los Angeles). Time to set some roots, time to make some BIG goals and time to be a WINNER!!