Personal Experience – “Law of Attraction”

I wanted to share with you how The Secret Law of Attraction works for me. This is an example of a series of events where I recognize the Law of Attraction at work.

I get 30 emails a day about casting calls. I may submit to 2-4 per week. Tuesday night, I saw a casting call for a talk show in which I was unfamiliar. I wanted to submit to it, but first I wanted to change my profile pictures, which takes a couple of days. That night I googled the talk show and spent ten minutes watching clips from the show. It seems like a good place for the Strongest Woman in the World to be interviewed.

The next day, I had plans to lift at Venice Gold’s Gym and meet a high school friend, Erin, for lunch. I felt great! The workout was good, my body felt good, my energy was good… the day was going as planned. After lunch, my friend and I wandered down to Muscle Beach in Venice. I ran into a Venice friend, Dave, who joked, “Did you bring your camera crew?” I looked behind me and there was a small camera crew videotaping on Venice Boardwalk. We had a good laugh.

Next thing you know, the crew asked Dave and I if we would participate in an interview. The piece was for the Colbert Report… a talk show!! Talk about ENERGY!! We commented on Rawsome, a raw, organic food market and the FDA controlling what we eat.

Let me reiterate! Open your mind… send out an energy about a topic… ask the universe for it… it will ATTRACT the energy you are asking for. ┬áJust like I was sending out energy about a talk show the night before a talk show asked me to comment on a topic.

Go… Conceive, Believe and Receive!!