Strongest Ever – Dr Marshall Jacobs Featured

Injury is something that is in the contract when you sign-up for becoming the strongest woman on the planet. I have 3 zippers (scars) now. Incisions for both biceps tendons to be attached and now one triceps tendon.

Besides these lovely scars, I have sprained my upper back, which has contributed to long term nerve pain for my shoulders. And, as you will see from this video, I tore an inner thigh muscle. It eventually bleed out (when you tear a muscle the blood supply is ripped open and it will bleed internally, looking like a dark bruise).

Over all, my body feels fantastic and I continue to lift fairly heavy (for a female). However, longevity did contribute to the end of my powerlifting career. That and the fact that I had reached all of my goals.

This clip is from STRONGEST EVER, a documentary about my lifting and my life while reaching the goal of totaling over 2000 lbs, hundreds above any female to date. The documentary has been played in Germany, Italy and Finland, to name a few. I hope it is played in the USA someday. I do not own any rights to the movie, so I can not get you a copy… maybe some day.

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