On Rare Occasion

How many times have you met a person who challenges you to change major parts of your life? This challenge may be spoken or unspoken.

In my case, the challenge is unspoken. My new friend, Amir Solsky, has shown by example how important it is to prioritize your eating program. He follows a Paleolithic Diet. I will be exploring in this direction. I am sure I will flounder through self expectations and physical adjustments. It is all part of the challenge. Gosh, will I end up giving up my Lo-Carb Monster energy drink?!!

I believe that if there is one thing worthy of investing in, it is what you put in your body. -Amir Solsky

Please, enjoy Mestre Parafina (Amir Solsky) in the following stunt demo video, displaying his Capoeira expertise. And visit his website at www.capoeiralosangeles.com.