You Gotta Try This

When I was hanging out at the Muscle Beach powerlifting show two weeks ago,  Jason Blackwell approached me.  He asked me to try his grip competition.  So, I wondered over to his Liquid Grip booth and tried my hand at the grip challenge, pun intended.  It was a cone shaped handle attached to a plate loaded apparatus.  As seen in the pictures.

I think I might have been able to pick up about 65 lbs without using Liquid Grip.  That cone would slid right out of my hand from then on out.  I think we increased the weight by ten pounds per attempt.  Jason would dab a bit of Liquid Grip in the palm of my hand and I would rub it into all the nooks and crannies of my palm, just as I would have done with powder chalk.  I let the liquid dry for about 20 seconds and then pulled the 75 lbs with out problem!  The weight went up and up.  I asked Jason not to tell me what the weight was, I don’t like to know.  A couple times, I would miss the weight and then add more Liquid Grip, turning that missed weight into a successful attempt!

Well, I broke the previous female’s record by about 60 lbs that day.  I ended up lifting 120 lbs off the ground for the grip challenge.  SO MUCH FUN!!

I am definitely a huge fan of Liquid Grip!!  I could not have destroyed the woman’s grip record without it.  I know it seems strange, but even as the strongest woman in the world, I hate having gritty chalk on my hands.  Liquid Grip solves my problem.  It felt so smooth on my hands, even with multiple layers.  No messy powder everywhere, nothing for health club owners to complain about.  THANKS Liquid Grip!!  I am a big fan!